We make natural ice creams
with traditional recipe

Homemade ice creams for you

Khurana ice cream had started its story in 1960 from model town at Patiala. The sweet journey continued and they came to Faridabad with their next shop at Ballabgarh area. The journey of hardwork continued now followed with a mass of trusted customers, that inspired them to place their shop at main market of Faridabad. Now the next Khuran’s generation is taking forward their business and Khurana Ice Cream is now turned into Khurana’s Happy Cones carrying the rich taste, original recipe and exotic taste. People of Faridabad have been enjoying this tasty ice cream from Patiala from past 52 years.

Recipe of making Faluda


Custard powder
Green cardamom
and dry fruits


First boil the milk then add custard powder in it and mix it well. Keep it aside and let it cool for some time. Add different flavors to the mixture to prepare the varieties of ice creams. With the help of these steps, three types of ice creams can be made, they are:
Mango Ice cream – This ice cream is prepared by adding mango pulp to the mixture.
Kesar pesta ice cream – To make Kesar pista ice cream; add kesar and pista to the mixture.
Faluda ice cream – Put some Faluda to the ice cream before serving.


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